The Gender Empowerment and Equality component of USPCASW ensures the effective participation of women as faculty, students, and staff; as well as more broadly in the planning, design, implementation, and use of water resource infrastructure and programs in Pakistan. The project establishes conditions that inspire and prepare the next generation of women leaders, and provides them with the opportunity to contribute to and lead the field of water sector professionals.


  • Adopting a formal policy on gender equality at MUET, addressing needs of women faculty, staff, and students including:
    • Norms and standards
    • Supportive institutions
    • Incentive systems
    • Rights and responsibilities
    • Grievance and monitoring procedures
  • Establishing key standards of performance
    • 50% female students admitted to program before conclusion of project
    • 50% women faculty members recruited
    • 15% annual increase in female participation in CAS activities in order to reach target of 50% before end of
    • Including gender issues in curriculum and research programs
  • Establishing institutional support for encouraging participation of
    • Establishing/working with a women’s resource center at
    • Organizing mentoring arrangements for women students, staff, and
    • Creating/supporting a student chapter of The Society of Women Engineers
    • Using online resource CareerWISE ( or explore developing similar program at USPCASW
  • Networking and Outreaching
    • Participating in the University of Utah’s Women’s Resource Center
    • Exploring opportunities with the Utah Women of Water
    • Undertaking outreach to women’s colleges to recruit women students