MUET Clean Water Project

The MUET Clean Water Project will serve as one of the flagship projects for USPCAS-W. This project will work to bring safe drinking water to the MUET campus and int he process offer a living lab where students and researchers will be able to conduct
controlled experiments and get hands-on learning working on an actual system. The project will work with MUET faculty in partnership with the team from the U to study the current state of the system and why it is failing. After that, plans will be made to fix the system, bring clean water to campus buildings, and increase monitoring and other opportunities to use the water treatment system on campus to train students going forward.

The water system currently serves 2,400 permanent residents and 6,800 commuters. Water is initially drawn from the Indus River. The plant was built in the late 1980’s and goes through a process including: Coagulation (Alum based), 4 sedimentation tanks, filtration via 3 slow sand filters, and disinfection via chlorination.

Some of the current issues include a lack of intake structure at the Indus River source, lack of regular maintenance, lack of backwashing of sand filters, unsecured post-treatment tanks, an out of service chlorination system, and irregular water flow which increases risk of contamination in the pipes. Steps to begin sampling and planning changes to the system are currently underway.