The University of Utah’s Water Center is dedicated to improving lives through interdisciplinary research promoting the security of the Earth’s water systems.

Who We Are

The University of Utah's Water Center serves as a hub bridging the traditional divides between the fields of engineering, economics, biology, public health, the law, and public policy. The Center fosters a collaborative, systems-based approach to knowledge creation, and believes that by bringing together scholars, professionals, and communities from different backgrounds and perspectives we can develop new ways of approaching and solving the world's water security challenges.

What We Do

The Water Center’s strategy is to generate original research that will lead to innovations in curriculum development, technological advancements, and better public policy. We work towards these objectives through:

  • Applied interdisciplinary research
  • Capacity building
  • Advancing technology
  • Innovations in education and curriculum
  • Informing public policy
  • Student and faculty exchange programs