The education piece of this project trains and graduates Masters and PhD students to create a vital work force to address several critical issues that are of pressing concern for Pakistan. These critical issues are: (1) surface and groundwater availability, (2) hazard and risk management, (3) environmental quality, and (4) climate change. These four critical issues form the fulcrum of many other issues such as water scarcity, freshwater availability, waste water and drinking water treatment, greenhouse gas emissions, pathogens and antibiotic resistant bacteria, micropollutants in the water cycle, and many more. Furthermore, it develops integrated water resources management strategies because it is recognized now that the status of any water body is not independent of the rest of the ecosystem. This newly developed curriculum emphasizes emerging pedagogical approaches and new thinking on integrated learning to produce robust and ethical graduates with the necessary breadth and depth in one of four thematic areas.

The degree programs included in this program are: