The U Water Center builds the educational and professional capacity of partner institutions in order to support global water security. Through these unique partnerships we develop curriculum enhancements, foster one-to-one mentorships and research partnerships, and develop trainings for students, faculty and professionals.



From Policy and law, urban hydrology and climate forecasting to isotope-tracing, humanities and public health - University of Utah faculty are looking at water issues across disciplines.



Water specialists need sophisticated support as their communities face a changing climate, aging infrastructure, and other resource disruptions. The U Water Center delivers tailored training programs to support the careers of global water professionals and help them to steward this critical resource in a challenging, ever-changing field.


U.S. - Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water

The U.S. - Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water (USPCASW) is training a new generation of engineers and water professionals in order to solve the water security challenges of the twenty-first century.


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Water Stories

Wildfires, Population Growth, 50 Years of Salt Lake Water: An EPA Study

“Water quality in both Utah Lake and the Jordan River is highly influenced by our mountain tributaries. With population growth […]

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Water at the U – Around the World

Have you ever wondered how many researchers at the University of Utah work in the broad footprint of water-related research, […]

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Watersheds and the Wasatch: Did you know?

Did you know? The watersheds of the Wasatch harbor incredible scenery and as such attract a huge number of visitors.Visitors […]

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Investigating Biosaline Agriculture to Advance Food Security in Egypt

“I anticipate that the work and results from this small project will be a win-win situation for agricultural producers as […]

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