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On Tuesday, August 11th USPCASW hosted the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing between University of Utah and Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro. The agreement sets out goals, anticipated roles, and responsibilities for both Universities in making USPCASW a success that goes far beyond the initial 5 years being funded by USAID.

USCPASW was thrilled to have representatives from MUET, the U, USAID, and the Pakistani government. Speakers included President Pershing and SVP Ruth Watkins from the U; Vice Chancellor Uqaili, Assistant Professor Jamali, and Professor Lashari from MUET; Professor Gates from CSU; Dan Grant from USAID; and Consul General Hamid Asghar Khan of Pakistan's LA office. Over 50 individuals attended, including faculty from both Universities.

Both universities are very excited about the progress made so far and the opportunities that this partnership will bring down the line, including international research opportunities for faculty and staff. Not only the University of Utah and MUET, but also CSU and the other universities involved in this project are all committed to a long term partnership. Dan Grant of USAID took the opportunity to share the importance of academic cooperation in building these long term relationships and find long lasting solutions to real problems.

With around 500 applications for the 50 available spaces in the first semester of the new program at MUET, the first steps are being taken to create the next generation of water professionals for Pakistan. This signing was a chance to celebrate the partnership and the progress made so far, and a chance to set the tone for the work ahead.