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Water Sampling with MUET Faculty

A group of faculty members from MUET (Rasool Mahar, Sara Hassan, Uzma Imran, and Awais Chandio) and University of Utah (Christine Pomeroy, Mercedes Ward, and Bill Johnson) performed field sampling of water entering and leaving the Jamshoro water treatment plant. This was an opportunity for a hands on review of field sampling technologies and techniques for assessing overall water quality and identification of biological and chemical contamination. Bill Johnson reviewed the controls on redox condition and its influence on water quality processes, and briefly explained the technologies/techniques to be examined that day. Sampling included basic water parameters including dissolved oxygen (uniformly oxic), conductance (freshwater), temperature (24 degrees Celcius), and pH (7.4). Additional samples were taken and analyzed for turbidity (uniformly high), coliform bacteria (uniformly positive) and Escherichia coli (uniformly negative).  Analyses for major ions, mercury, and other trace elements are pending, and will be provided to the MUET researchers when complete to demonstrate the capabilities they will achieve in their developing analytical facility.