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Progress on the Pakistan Water Development Report

PWDR Planning MeetingA meeting of the lead authors of the Pakistan Water Development Report (PWDR) was held on August 10th, 2016 at PCRWR Headquarters Islamabad. The PWDR will be the Center’s flagship report, and benefit from results and analyses of several research projects being implemented by the Center and its partners.

The meeting was Co-chaired by Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Chairman, PCRWR and Dr. B.K. Lashari, Director, USPCAS-W. Dr. Aslam Chaudhry briefed the meeting about the rationale for preparing the PWDR, including salient features and progress made so far. This was followed by presentations made by each lead author about the scope of work to be covered under his/her respective chapters.

Lead authors will continue to expand and/or enrich the existing table of contents based on the presentations that took place during the meeting. It was also discussed that the report will provide an opportunity to correct baseline statistics using the right definition for several variables/indicators. For example, focusing on providing safe drinking water rather than water from improved sources. Similarly, statistics with regard to access to sanitation have been highly distorted.

As work continues on each chapter, lead authors are free to invite additional input and authors as needed. The editorial team will evaluate material to help determine chapter lengths, as well as evaluating the material. The next workshop for the full group will be held in Islamabad around mid-November, with chapters to be finalized by the end of December.