University of Utah Welcomes MUET Exchange Faculty

The first round of faculty have arrived from MUET as part of the USPCAS-W exchange program. Currently 6 faculty have come over to the United States for the spring semester with 4 housed at the U and 2 housed at CSU. Those on the exchange will be involved in research, a technical class, mentoring, a teaching engineering course, writing, social and cultural experiences, and a Globalocal seminar organized by USPCAS-W.

On Friday, January 22nd the first “Water: Globalocal Challenges” seminar was held.┬áThe goal of the seminar is to share knowledge and perspectives between US (Utah and Colorado) and Pakistan (Sindh) with respect to water quality, irrigation efficiency, water governance and decision-making, climate change, ground water, and water rights. It was attended by visiting faculty, members of USPCAS-W, along with graduate students and other interested parties. This session introduced the overall themes of the seminar and looked at some of the specific water challenges facing Pakistan.