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Visiting Faculty

Our first round of visiting faculty are keeping busy with a packed schedule. Along with participating in classes and a weekly seminar, they are engaged in joint research projects with their faculty hosts.

Dr. Ramesh Goel is hosting Professor Rasool Bux Mahar from MUET. Their research effort is investigating the occurrence and spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria (ARB). Specifically, this semester they are isolating ARBs from wastewater treatment plants with the aim to develop disinfection kinetics.

Dr. Steve Burian is hosting Professor Rakhshinda Bano and working with her to develop a water management computer model of the Indus River Basin in Pakistan. Their research is advancing the ability to simulate climate impacts on water flows in the Indus River and supporting decision making now and in the future.

Dr. Sarah Hassan is working on a project to synthesize silver nanoparticles for sensing and treatment applications. Professor Uzma Imran is studying water quality of the source supply for Karachi, Pakistan.

The collective work of the visiting faculty will contribute to advancing the research capacity at MUET, support continued joint research projects between MUET faculty of faculty of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, as well as helping to advance research of graduate students at the U. On returning to Pakistan, they will disseminate the knowledge gained at the U to young faculty and students at MUET to enhance research infrastructure and prepare a cohort of engineers and scientists to address issues in Pakistan related to water treatment, hygiene, health and best environmental engineering practices.