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Spring Faculty Exchange Comes to an End

Visiting faculty members have now returned to Pakistan, while one faculty members remains at both CSU and the U to continue research. Our first round of visitors participated in an ambitious round of activities including multiple classes, research, a weekly seminar, and social activities. They took trips out to Antelope Island and down to Moab, as well as going on tours of local water treatment facilities.

At the end of the water seminar, each faculty member was given the opportunity to present their research topics:

  • Professor Rasool Bux Mahar - Development of Molecular Tools for Isolation & Identification of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Urban
  • Professor Babar M. Munir - Toward Improved Management of Irrigation Return Flows in the Indus River Basin: Monitoring and Modeling to Enhance Water Quality, Boost Productivity, and Conserve Water
  • Assistant Professor Syeda Sara Hassan - Green Synthesis Of Metal Nanomaterials And Their Catalytic Applications For The Degradation Of Toxic Pollutant From Water
  • Assistant Professor Uzma Imran - Analyses of Water Quality of Keenjhar Lake, Sindh, Pakistan by Taking into Account Seasonal Variation
  • Assistant Professor Wali Daudpota - Soil Salinity Management by Leaching in Salt Affected Soils by Using Raised Bed-Furrow Technique in Wheat Crop
  • Assistant Professor Rakhshinda Bano - Glacier Melt Dynamics and Indus River Basin Water Management

Many people came together to help make this first exchange a success, and USPCAS-W would like to thank everyone who participated and who made our guests feel welcome both at the U and at Colorado State University.