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Fulbright Alumni Competition | Accepting Applications

Egypt Food Security Research Project

The Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt (BFCE) is pleased to announce a new Fulbright Alumni Competition administered by BFCE and the University of Utah in the United States.

The Egypt Food Security Research Project is a one-year collaborative research project that aims at engaging a selected team of four junior to mid-career Fulbright Alumni (two Egyptians and two Americans) in scholarly exchange, with the purpose of enhancing long-term capacity building and improving conditions in the fields of Food Security, Agriculture, and Water Management in semi-arid climates. The two selected Egyptian applicants will attend a two-week residency at the University of Utah and will then return to Egypt to conduct ongoing virtual collaborative research with the two selected U.S. applicants. Research outcomes will be presented at a conference in Cairo in May of 2020.

Applicants MUST BE FULBRIGHT ALUMNI who have satisfactorily completed their Fulbright grants.

Project Duration: June 2019-August 2020

Deadline for receiving applications and all required documents is April 3, 2019.

For details and application forms, please visit