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Team Highlight: Carlos Oroza & Jiada Li

Carlos Oroza & Jiada Li

New to the U Water team, Dr. Carlos Oroza is an Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering whose research explores the application of large-scale sensing systems--wireless-sensor networks, robotics, remote sensing--to better understand and manage constrained natural resources. Dr. Oroza's expertise in design, optimization and analysis of such sensing systems has contributed to a wide variety of projects, from robotics solutions that support U.S. Naval activities, to the optimization of snow monitoring networks throughout the Western United States, to real-time urban stormwater systems.

We recently followed Dr. Oroza and Civil Engineering Ph.D. student Jiada Li to nearby Sugarhouse Park to scout locations for a fleet of real-time monitors they plan to install this summer. Smaller than the average sprinkler head, the battery-powered monitors will measure the depth of Parley’s Creek and relay time-and location-specific data to water resource managers Salt Lake City’s Department of Public Utilities. The data will also help improve the accuracy of urban floodwater models--the key focus of Li's research.