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U Water Center explores partnership with NUTECH

The U Water Center recently hosted representatives from National Technology University of Pakistan (NUTECH). As a pioneering "university for industry," NUTECH aims to provide technology-driven, innovative teaching, learning and research. Having recently launched their first incoming class in the Fall of 2018, the institution is eager to find partnerships that will support the institution's long-term growth.

The reputation of the University of Utah faculty's work with Mehran University of Engineering and Technology through the USAID-funded U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water led NUTECH to reach out to, and ultimately visit, The U Water Center. While on the University of Utah campus, the representatives met with a wide variety of labs and offices that showcase the U's best-in-class practices in curriculum design, teaching and learning systems, assessment, research and entrepreneurship practices.

"Opening global partnerships with strategic partners like NUTECH provides opportunities for research and collaboration with the U Water Center and the broader U community," said Dr. Steve Burian, U Water Center director. "We look forward to visiting NUTECH's campus in Islamabad in December to finalize details of the partnership, which will include participation in conferences, providing student and faculty development programs, starting a joint graduate degree, with more to come in the future."