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USPCASW Launches New “Cultural Diplomat” Initiative

Few educational opportunities offer as immersive of an experience as international student exchange programs. The USPCASW has for the past two years hosted a series of cohorts at the University of Utah from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology in Jamshoro, Pakistan. The goal for the student exchange is to train and build up the […]

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Fall 2017 Water Security Symposium

The semiannual Water Security Symposium serves as a sort of right of passage for students going through the USPCASW exchange program. On November 29, in the Crimson View Room in the University of Utah’s Student Union, the fall cohort gathered to present their research projects to faculty and fellow students. Each student created an illustrated […]

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USPCASW Writing Workshop Trains Pakistan’s Next Generation of Water Professionals

There are few skills more valuable than the ability to share your ideas effectively in writing. Studies of HR professionals consistently rank good written communication to be one of the most desirable competencies in the workplace. Engineering is no different. Professor Rick Bereit knows a few things about good writing, and about the quest to train […]

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2017 University of Utah Water Forum


Wednesday, November 15 marked the first annual University of Utah Water Forum, an event that showcased several of the U’s most innovative programs focused on collaborative and interdisciplinary research addressing water issues. The event was co-sponsored by the Global Change and Sustainability Center, the U Water Center, and the Society, Water, & Climate faculty research […]

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University Grad Student Uses Remote Sensing and Satellite Technology to Study Algal Blooms on Utah Lake

The summer of 2016 brought an unprecedented and unwelcome event to the waters of Utah Lake. A massive algal bloom spread across the lake, eventually encompassing ninety percent of its surface, causing local health officials to close the lake for several weeks to all recreational use. Algal blooms are naturally occurring, and nothing new to […]

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Professor Ramesh Goel: finding solutions to antibiotic resistant bacteria in water

One of the greatest advancements in modern medicine was the development of antibiotic drugs. These medicines have saved millions of lives by creating an effective treatment for fighting off bacterial infections. The problem is these once “miracle” drugs are becoming less effective as strains of bacteria are growing resistant. University of Utah Professor Ramesh Goel […]

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